100 Intelligent Cities Challenge

Announcement of selected ICC cities

ICC cities announcement

From 27 February to 29 May, the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) received 131 Expressions of Interest from 193 cities in 20 countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The European Commission and ICC team were very pleased to see that so many cities are eager to become more sustainable, liveable and socially-responsible by using advanced technologies.

After careful deliberation, 90 applications have now been selected to take part in the Challenge over the next 2 years. This group includes 54 new ICC applications, 26 cities that took part in the Digital Cities Challenge predecessor initiative, and 9 EU mentor cities. We are still selecting 9 international cities to complete the list of the 100 cities that will take part in the ICC journey. Since 8 of the applicants are consortia, including several partner cities, the selected group of cities involves a total of 126 cities.

The selected core cities will receive high-quality and tailored guidance. They will take part in group trainings, learn from peers, participate in a series of high-level events, and collectively plan for large scale change. In doing so, they will leverage advanced technologies to achieve green, smart, sustainable growth. The ICC will kick-start with a launch week scheduled for the week of 28 September.

We are very glad to have the selected cities on board and are extremely grateful to the cities which have shown an interest in joining the ICC. The European Commission and the ICC team look forward to supporting the cities on their intelligent journey.

List of selected mentor cities:

Mentor city Country
Aarhus Denmark
Amsterdam (DCC) Netherlands
Antwerp (DCC) Belgium
Barcelona (DCC) Spain
Espoo (DCC; consortium covering Tampere and Turku) Finland
Hamburg (DCC) Germany
Nice (DCC) France
Porto Portugal
Rijeka (DCC) Croatia
Singapore Singapore

*one European mentor city is still to be selected.

List of selected core cities:

Core city Country
Aix-en-Provence France
Alcobendas Spain
Alcoy (DCC) Spain
Algeciras (DCC) Spain
Alicante (DCC) Spain
Arad (DCC) Romania
Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (consortium covering Ajdovščina, Črna na Koroškem, Grosuplje, Kanal ob Soči, Kočevje, Laško, Logatec, Ravne, Slovenske Konjice, Škofja Loka, Municipality of Škofljica, and Vojnik) Slovenia
Białystok Poland
Bistrița Romania
Bratislava Slovakia
Brno Czech Republic
Budapest Hungary
Bytom Poland
Cartagena Spain
Castelló de la Plana Spain
Catanzaro Italy
Chalcis Greece
Coastal Towns Association (consortium covering Alba Adriatica, Giulianova, Martinsicuro, Pineto, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Silvi and Tortoreto) Italy
Corfu Greece
Cork (DCC) Ireland
Derry/Londonderry (DCC) United Kingdom
Galați Romania
Gava (consortium covering Gava City Council and Castelldefels City Council) Spain
Gdańsk Poland
Gelsenkirchen (DCC) Germany
Gijón (DCC) Spain
Gliwice Poland
Granada (DCC) Spain
Guimarães (DCC) Portugal
Haskovo Bulgaria
Heidelberg (DCC) Germany
Heraklion (DCC) Greece
Iași (DCC) Romania
Idrija (DCC) Slovenia
Ioannina Greece
Issy-les-Moulineaux France
Jyväskylä Finland
Karlskrona (DCC) Sweden
Kavala (DCC) Greece
L'Aquila (DCC) Italy
Las Rozas Spain
Le Havre Seine Métropole France
Leuven Belgium
Ljubljana (consortium covering Municipality of Ljubljana, Municipality of Celje, Municipality of Koper, Municipality of Kranj, Municipality of Maribor, Municipality of  Murska Sobota, Municipality of  Nova Gorica, Municipality of  Novo mesto, Municipality of  Ptuj, Municipality of  Slovenj Gradec and Municipality of  Velenje) Slovenia
Logroño Spain
Mantua (DCC) Italy
Mechelen Belgium
Métropole Européenne de Lille France
Métropole Rouen Normandie France
Molina de Segura Spain
Osijek Croatia
Padua (DCC) Italy
Palaio Faliro (consortium covering Municipality of Palaio Faliro and Municipality of Alimos) Greece
Pamplona Spain
Paris-Saclay Agglomeration Community France
Patras (DCC) Greece
Pays de Saint-Omer Agglomeration Community (consortium covering the Pays de Saint-Omer Agglomeration Community and the Pays de Lumbres Community of Communes) France
Pescara Italy
Pori (DCC) Finland
Poznań Poland
Reggio Emilia (DCC) Italy
Rome Italy
Skellefteå Sweden
Sofia (DCC) Bulgaria
Split Croatia
Sweden Emilia Romagna Network (consortium covering Ravenna Municipality, Cervia Municipality, Vänersborg Municipality and Trollhättan) Italy / Sweden
Szombathely Hungary
Terrassa Spain
Thessaloniki (DCC) Greece
Timișoara Romania
Torrent Spain
Trikala (DCC) Greece
Tripoli (consortium covering Municipality of Tripoli and Municipality of Corinth) Greece
Ulm Germany
Valongo  Portugal
Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Greece
Venice Italy
Ventspils (DCC) Latvia
Vratsa Bulgaria
Zagreb Croatia

COVID-19 ICC support

The following resources have been pooled together by the Intelligent Cities Challenge to help cities navigate the current crisis and implement appropriate responses through learning and the sharing of best practices on effective technology-led interventions from European and global cities.

Shaping the cities of tomorrow

The 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is a unique opportunity for evolving EU cities to join a community that leverages advanced technologies, to tackle the pandemic crisis and reconstruct their economies while steering them in the direction of green smart sustainable growth. This will help cities to improve the quality of life and create new opportunities for their business communities.

The ICC will build on the success of the Digital Cities Challenge, which helped 41 EU cities develop a strategic vision and a roadmap for digital transformation. ICC cities will receive high quality and tailored guidance and expert support, access to advisory and city peer networks (European and international), and capability building tools, to drive priority policy goals and the uptake of advanced technologies.

Through its action oriented and collaborative approach, the ICC will offer cities a unique opportunity to:

Identify local strengths and formulate priorities and real needs: conduct performance assessments, define strategic goals and implementation roadmaps

Engage in long-lasting collaborations to co-design and co-create: joint open data platform, EU marketplace for city solutions and joint investments/procurements

Learn from and share experiences with local and international peers and mentors

The program includes:

Digital Cities Challenge Achievements

ICC builds on the successful Digital Cities Challenge, which saw 41 cities create a vision, strategy and roadmap for their digital transformation

41 cities develop digital transformation strategies
DCC High Level Conference highlights

High Level Conference: A strategy for EU cities in the 21st century
Designing Digital Transformation Strategies for EU Cities in the 21st Century

Final Report
City Digital Transformation Handbook

Final Report
Digital Cities Challenge Declaration of Cooperation

Mayors Summit
Case study
Cities' good practices for inspiration

Good practice case studies

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