The European Green Deal is Europe’s new growth strategy for a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. It comprises a comprehensive set of economic and environmental initiatives aimed at creating the world's first carbon-neutral continent by 2050, addressing a wide range of policy areas from a greener and competitive industrial policy, clean and circular economy, a carbon border tax on imports to rules and regulations. The European Climate Law enshrines these targets into legal obligation. New climate targets are set to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent in 2030. Cities are centres of economic activity, knowledge generation, community engagement and innovation. Cities are therefore cornerstones to deliver the European Green Deal on the ground. 

This track focuses on decarbonising infrastructure, greening of industry and SMEs and substituting it for greener alternatives and new business models. By prioritising the management of a circular economy through the promotion of renewable energy sourcing, green manufacturing and sustainable waste management, cities will transform into more climate resilient spaces. This track builds on various supportive EU initiatives. These include: the European Green Deal, Renovation Wave, aiming to cut emissions and boost buildings’ energy efficiency, Climate Law, turning climate ambitions into legal obligations, and the New Industrial Strategy pushing for the twin green and digital transitions.

In this thematic, the ICC tackles, among other things:

  • Developing Local Green Deals at city level
  • Fostering green transformation in industry, e.g., green manufacturing, CCS
  • Managing industrial circular economy – industrial waste
  • Decarbonising buildings, e.g., renovation wave, retrofitting, green construction
  • Net-zero emissions in transport, e.g., electrification of mobility
  • Nature based solutions e.g., green infrastructure, reforestation, urban farming, biofuels, Climate resilience e.g., against flooding, drought or heat waves
  • Decarbonising power, e.g., scaling up renewable energy solutions

Key related initiatives:

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