WienBot is the free messaging chatbot of the City of Vienna and was launched in 2017 to assist citizens by responding to frequently asked questions regarding various topics. Besides through typing, the questions can be asked by voice as the tool includes speech recognition. 

WienBot answers the questions of the users on a variety of topics directly on their smartphones (the mobile app is available both for iOS and Android) and now also on the City of Vienna's info page at Among the useful information users can assess via this chatbot, there is whether and which of the business sectors are currently open, or which are the most recently released rules applicable over this period (e.g. whether jogging or cycling are allowed, whether parks in the city are open).

The “Corona Update” of the WienBot was implemented within a few days after the start of the restrictive measures, and answers to the most common questions about the Corona virus are continuously updated and expanded. 

With every new question, the WienBot learns independently, thus saving time for the search for the right answer and thus relieving the burden on telephone hotlines. 

Moreover, a standardized connection of the WienBot to FAQ databases on the City of Vienna website is also being prepared.