This thematic track is oriented towards pursuing smart and sustainable practices as well as diversification in the tourism sector. It will deliver a local roadmap for green and digital transitions, promote improved data sharing and management and promote new technology investments. These actions are driven by the aim to facilitate new growth opportunities and an economic recovery in tourism. At the policy-level, the track is guided by the objectives of sustainable recovery of the European tourism ecosystem discussed during the European Tourism Convention and the work towards a new European Agenda for Tourism 2050.

In this thematic, the ICC tackles, among other things:

  • Sustainable recovery of tourism: Foster green and digital transition in the tourism sector 
  • Support recovery, especially through tailored support to tourism SMEs
  • Invest in technologies that will deliver innovative and carbon-neutral   tourism products or solutions
  • Foster data management and sharing between public and private tourism actors
  • Diversify tourism offer by enhancing tourists experience at destination (e.g., cultural tourism)
  • Providing safe and seamless tourism at destinations for tourists, residents, tourism workers
  • Facilitating the interaction and integration of the tourism sector within the ecosystem, increasing cross-sectoral cooperation and thus destinations’ competitiveness at global level
  • Improving the empowerment of tourism destinations through comprehensive and efficient urban management, developing and implementing smart and sustainable tourism policies and promotion

Key related initiatives:

  • European Agenda for Tourism 2050 as indicated in the Communication “Tourism and Transport in 2020 and beyond” of 13 May 2020 
  • European Tourism Convention action points  
  • New Industrial strategy for the European industry to lead the twin green and digital transition
  • “European Green Deal” provides a strategic framework for the green transformation of the tourism ecosystem. Among the most relevant initiatives are the Circular Economy Action Plan, Sustainable and Smart mobility strategy, Biodiversity Strategy, Renovation wave for buildings, new Climate Adaptation Strategy.”
  • European Pact for Skills 

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