This track helps cities enhance citizen and business participation, while understanding city stakeholder sentiments. It ensures that local communities are fully part of the digitisation run by local government and public services. It is supported by the European Climate Pact, the Digital Services Act (DSA), Digital Markets Act (DMA), and the Living-in.EU movement. These back-bone EU policies aim to promote local climate action and secure digital transformations of public services.

In this thematic, the ICC tackles, among other things:

  • Citizen- and business-friendly public services
  • Enhancing citizen and business participation to e.g., new, democratic engagement tools
  • Understanding city stakeholder sentiment
  • Reducing digital divide of communities marginalised by a transition of digital services
  • Driving local government digitisation independent of national government agenda¬†
  • Support launching grassroots initiatives by citizens and social actors

Key related initiatives:

  • European Climate Pact aims to citizens and communities in action for our climate and environment
  • Living-in.EU for digital transformation in cities and communities

Good practices and learning materials

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citizen participation
Thematic track: Citizen participation and government services
Help map digital innovation on local level
Meet the ICC cities: Pamplona and Mechelen
Meet the ICC cities: Pamplona and Mechelen
green city
Showcasing the Tech4Good Marketplace (beta) and connecting European-level initiatives at the 3rd ICC City Lab


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green city
3rd ICC City Lab
4th ICC City Lab
5th ICC City Lab