Researchers & academics

Researchers & academics
  • Conduct fundamental and applied research on digital technologies and their impact on society, the economy and the environment
  • Prepare students for the digital workplace by adopting digital technologies across your courses and digitally upgrading your teaching and research infrastructures
  • Empower faculty members to take full ownership of new digital technologies and be entrepreneurial
  • Provide the necessary start-up support infrastructure to boost the creation of new, successful firms

Higher education institutions train, prepare and reskill the highly qualified researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators who are increasingly in demand across digital economies. In order to effectively educate the talents of the European digital industry and enterprises, universities and research institutions must behave entrepreneurially and adopt an innovative and creative mind-set in every aspect of their daily work. The ability of these institutions to prove entrepreneurial mettle depends upon the individuals engaged to create a bold digital strategy and to build organisational capacity to ensure its implementation.