Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab Barcelona is a centre of production, investigation and education, that uses last generation computer-assisted design software for the creation of prototypes and scale models for various sectors. At the moment, and in order to help with the COVID-19 crisis, medical material is being produced by 3D printers and thanks to the collaboration of different actors. 

The fablabs and printers are provided by the municipality of Barcelona as public infrastructure.

They partner with a community of printers who provide their expertise. Finally, the city takes care of distributing the output to hospitals with the support of local taxis. 

The goal is to produce and distribute items which are essential for preventing infection and the spread of the virus among healthcare professionals and workers who are most exposed to infection. These include security staff, social services staff and workers in elderly people’s homes and shops which are still open.

Around 80 units of visors for protective face masks will be produced. Once the items have been approved by health specialists, and providing fab lab resources can handle it, in the coming days production will begin on door openers, masks and eye protectors.