Empowering its citizens to be both safe and smart with innovative solutions, the Spanish city of Torrent shared its knowledge with the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) through the Tech4Good Marketplace (beta). Its advanced solutions are responsive to the city’s needs and show how the Marketplace offers a unique platform for pragmatic smart cities to inspire change for all cities.

Solution 1: Smart Water

Torrent Smart Water

Several of Torrent’s sports facilities rely on a cost-efficient solution to reduce excessive water waste. This smart mechanism uses water pressure and sensors to control the water temperature. In this way, it can offer multiple advantages such as reduced CO2 emissions and low-energy intensity at a low cost. This technological approach to reducing water wastage, was complemented with a more low-tech approach. Citizens were informed of ways to save water through a successful poster campaign.

Solution 2: Safe and healthy routes to school

Torrent - routes to school

This project to get children to school safely is one of Torrent’s biggest city initiatives. Using 15 signs, 91 sidewalk signs and input from families, schools and education departments, Torrent has managed to address its car problem. The solution uses Bluetooth keychains for children, which their parents and guardians can track. The keychains connect with strategically placed sensors along the children’s routes.

Solution 3: Healthy Routes App

Torrent healthy routes

Last but not least, Torrent uses remote sensing, to let citizens design their route depending on their needs. Whether they are looking for a low-allergens route, less noise, more shade or better air quality, the app can help out. Torrent has essentially created “Healthy Routes.”

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