In November 2020, the Cité du Numérique (Digital Agency) was formally opened at Le Havre. Open to all those who want to undertake and innovate, La Cité Numérique is part of the national movement for French Tech and State policies in favour of the development of innovative ecosystems. As a natural anchoring point for the urban community's digital ecosystem, it offers the ideal setting for promoting innovation and alliances between local players and innovative project leaders: business incubator, coworking space, fablab... The Cité Numérique complements and thus strengthens the existing offer in the area. It raises public awareness (students, researchers, entrepreneurs, companies, etc.) and trains them in the digital, innovation and entrepreneurship professions. It even hosts the EM Normandie - Business School. 

As an agency whose aim is to contribute in making the region more attractive on a national and international level, a source of value and job creation, it offers several services: 

  • Bringing together and pushing forward a community of players in innovation and digital technology
  • Encouraging the growth of innovative projects
  • Attracting new talent
  • Supporting start-ups in their development phases
  • Stimulating the digital transformation of local businesses

This agency will naturally be the home of future events and meetings over the course of the Le Havre Métropole ICC journey. Indeed, Le Have Métropole is one of the 7 French cities selected to take part in the Challenge, whose strategy will focus particularly on data management and exploitation.

The ICC LHSM team was warmly welcome by Jean-Baptiste Roffini, Co-founder and General Delegate at La French Tech Le Havre Normandy for a first kick-off meeting in late October 2020. Representatives from the Métropole, the City Port and telecom operator Orange took part in this promising launch. The future needs assessment workshop, uniting all city stakeholders, is planned for December 2020, and will hopefully take place at the Cité.

The ICC is proud to have LHSM on board of our journey. There will assuredly be many opportunities for fellow ICC cities to engage with the Cité in the months to come.

For more information about the Cité du Numérique, please contact Lead Expert Carlos Hinojosa at