The European Commission announced its selection of EU cities that will to receive support in using advanced technologies to achieve smart, socially-responsible and sustainable growth as part of the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC)

Between 27 February to 29 May, the European Commission’s Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) received 130 expressions of interest from cities across the EU to join the ICC. The applicants were eager to improve the quality of life of their citizens, create new business opportunities and enhance their cities’ sustainability through the uptake of advanced technologies. 

After careful deliberation, COSME and the ICC team selected 90 applications by individual cities and consortiums to take part in the Challenge over the next two years. This group includes 54 new ICC applicants as well as 26 cities that had already participated in the Digital Cities Challenge predecessor initiative. These core cities will be supported by 20 mentor cities. 9 EU mentor cities and Singapore have already signed up, with 10 further non-EU cities to join in the months to come. As 8 of the applicants were made in consortia, the final group of participants will comprise a total of 124 cities. 

Cities participating in the ICC will have the unique opportunity to interact and learn from another. They will collaboratively and creatively approach city challenges, develop long-term relationships and form intelligent ecosystems. Through this action-oriented and collaborative approach, the challenge will guide ICC cities to become the drivers of their own green, intelligent and sustainable development through technological solutions. 

See the mapping of all participating cities on the Cities page.