Commissioner Thierry Breton will meet with EU Mayors from participating Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) and Living-in.EU cities on 2 December to discuss green and digital transformation and socio-economic resilience of cities and communities.

This event will take the form of two panels where the Commissioner and selected EU Mayors will engage in dialogue regarding the priorities, challenges and expectations in relation to the transition pathways of their respective cities. A group of Mayors and regional leaders have been carefully selected to participate in the panels. Whilst other Mayors will still participate actively by asking questions to the panel.

The first interactive panel will focus on planning and implementing the green and digital transformation of the local economy and society and will cover topics such as: 

  • Local Green Deals 
The role of innovation and technology 
Upskilling and reskilling the local workforce 

The second panel will emphasize digital transformation and will focus on: 

  • Data governance in cities 
Local digital twins 

  • The power of technology 
Innovative business models for enabling transformation.  

This hybrid event will allow for active participation both in person and remotely, there are various ways to participate outlined below. 

Mayors (non-panellists) who wish to participate in the Q&A with Commissioner Breton can join either: 

  • On site  at the Berlaymont Building and join a networking cocktail.    

  • Online using the interactio tool. 

For either of these options, registration is required here.

All other participants can access the event through a live web streaming via YouTube and are not required to register. This is available in French and English.