20 April 2022

Alcoy ‘Intelligent Cities Challenge’ team hosted last Friday, the 8th of April, an event to thank the disinterested collaboration of the business and innovation agents, whose contributions have served to outline four proposals for an intelligent and responsible recovery of the region.

This two-and-a-half year initiative of the European Comission presented several action groups. Alcoy focused on the "green" economy and the new local ecological pact, where the participating cities are expected to play a driving role in strengthening their economy and creating new jobs, without losing sight of sustainable development and citizens welfare.

This Friday's event, which was attended by Jordi Segura and Alberto Belda, City Councillors for Innovation and Employment respectively, was also an opportunity to thank these stakeholders for their disinterested contributions and to introduce them to the four specific actions that will be developed on the basis of the conclusions obtained.

"We deeply appreciate both the contributions and the time invested by these representatives of local companies and institutions. That is why we want to recognise them and take this opportunity to invite them to participate in future editions," added Segura.

Energy transition, mobility, innovation and social care  

As a first action, Alcoy City Council is financing an energy transition consultancy for the creation of a Local Energy Community for Cotes Baixes Industrial Estate. The City Council is also going to provide advise to all those companies interested in making the step towards a more efficient and sustainable energy consumption.

In terms of mobility, a solution has been proposed to strengthen the connection between industrial estates through bicycle lanes, soon to be completed with a new bycicle track in Alcoy’s main avenue, an infrastructure which will be accomplished through Next Generation Funds. Subsidies will also be given to companies so that they can install parking stations on their premises for personal mobility vehicles (bicycles and scooters).

Another project has been already fulfilled with the creation of an Innovation Agent position. This professional was also introduced this Friday to the collaborating agents. His objectives are to advise companies in the search for grants or subsidies; promote collaboration and business partnerships in innovative projects; contribute to achieving the objectives and roadmap set out in the strategic plan for industrial development of Alcoy; promote applied research and the transfer of knowledge to businesses in the area; as well as preparing and tendering Public Procurement of Innovation projects.

Finally, in the social field, the fourth solution is the implementation of a home assistance system to assist those who live in unwanted loneliness, a project that has been developed in collaboration with the Torrent City Council and which is now in the process of seeking funding.