01 July 2021

Alcoy, Spain, organised another workshop within its roadmap and monitoring phase, focusing in this occasion on upskilling and reskilling. City Council, university, educational centres and companies met on June 30th to discuss the importance of fostering talent and updating skills. Together, they drew up a roadmap to advance in the search for solutions.

This new session specifically aimed at improving training competencies, upskilling, improving soft skills and providing specialised advice for the transformation of companies, as part of the city's ambition to prepare the economic sector for transformation by promoting the improvement of qualifications and the promotion of an agile communication network between the different agents of the territory.

Representatives of the Universitat Politècnica de València Alcoy Campus, vocational training centres, ACTAIO, specialised consultancies, private training companies, the CEEI, the City Council, and the Alcoy ICC team Alcoy attended this meeting.

A list of possible projects from previous meetings was discussed. In addition to this, priority and viable projects aligned with the city strategy and ImpulsAlcoi (Industrial Development Plan) were selected. Finally, a work plan was drawn up to carry out these projects and obtain tangible results in the short and medium term.