Mayors and president of regional councils

Mayors and president of regional councils
  • Engage all actors in the definition of the digital transformation strategy of the city
  • Create political impetus for the design of a road map for the digital transformation strategy
  • Organise local events to facilitate collaboration and cross-fertilisation between companies in traditional sectors and digital solution providers
  • Create local digital councils to engage citizens first in the design and then in the implementation of the digital strategy of the territory

As a city or regional leader you are the owner of the digital strategy of your city or region. The digital revolution has radically transformed the lives of your local residents and the way local businesses operate, communicate and interact with each other and with their customers. In the current era of the digital economy, cities and regions simply cannot compete anymore without a strategy for the digital transition. Elected officials have a key role to play in shaping the digital ecosystem. They need to bring together the digital stakeholders notably for the design of a strategic roadmap for the digital transformation of businesses, universities, public administrations and services.