The City of Terrrasa has promoted the  virtual space "Marketplace Terrassa Covid-19" since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis in mid March 2020. The aim is to coordinate the supply and demand of technology, health products and services, knowledge, materials and logistics, among others. The objective is to contribute to the health emergency while establishing synergies and alliances between the industry of the territory, strengthening the innovative capacity of our city. 

The municipal government also wants to give visibility to the innovative business, highlighting its contributions to this health and economic crisis. If a company or entrepreneur has an ongoing project to respond to the current crisis but has doubts or needs for material, transport, technical specifications, or has a proposal for products, services, technical knowledge and/or has schemes or templates for making medical supplies, has a link to establish a first contact. 

From that moment, a team of professionals will contact the company in order to evaluate the solution or request and publish it in the "MarketPlace Terrassa Covid-19", available on the municipal website of the Science and Technology Park of Terrassa, Orbital.40

So far, more than 100 companies are part of the Terrassa Covid-19 Marketplace. This platform has already been very useful in providing materials such as respirators, masks, screens of face protection, logistics and material for 3D printers.