AP-HP (Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris), the university hospital trust operating in the Paris region, and Nouveal e-health, private software publisher specialized in digital health solutions, have finalized an e-health application intended for medical monitoring at home of Covid-19 carriers or suspected patients who do not require hospitalization.

Covidom is an e-health application which allows patients carrying or suspected of the Covid-19 without sign of seriousness to benefit from a remote monitoring at home.

More concretely, the doctor registers the patient to the platform (by entering his administrative data and useful medical data), and then the patient responds daily to online digital questionnaires, from a dedicated webpage or the mobile application. The frequency of the questionnaires depends on the risks as assessed by the patient’s doctor.

Depending on the answer to the questionnaire, alerts are generated and when necessary, e.g. in case of high fever or significant respiratory discomfort as reported by the patient, the local healthcare services are alerted and contacts the patient to possibly adapt the follow-up and treatment.

The aim is to provide remote monitoring of patients who do not require hospitalization, without overburdening healthcare establishments and general practitioners, thereby enabling them to focus on patients in need.

The Covidom is operational since beginning of March 2020 and deployed in two Parisian hospitals; following these trials, its application will be extended to other hospitals in the Paris region.

Covidom is available for free on the AppStore and on Google Play.