CEM Olímpic

Given the overcrowding of the hospitals, the city of Barcelona has converted 4 sport centers into hospitals. The city has partnered with telecommunications companies to equip the new hospitals with telecommunications infrastructure (network, tablets). This allows the patients to connect with their relatives, and boosts the efficiency of the medical staff.

With the Health Pavilion project they will end up providing the city with 564 beds. Since Monday, the CEM Olímpic has been operating as an extension of the Hebron Valley Hospital with a capacityof 132 patients.

The CEM Guinardó will support the Santo Pablo and Santa Cruz Hospital, will be able to accommodate up to 104 patients, and the Claror Marítim, as an extension of the Hospital de Mar will have a capacity of up to 92 beds. Finally, the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia, linked to the Hospital Clínic, will be the last facility  that we will convert and will have a capacity of 252 beds. In total 1144 more beds will be available.