Patras map

Dubbed Greece’s Gate to the West, Patras is the third biggest city in Greece and the metropolitan centre of the Western Greece Region. A major sea-trade hub with a thriving service sector, three public universities and three research institutions, Patras has all the ingredients to transform its citizens quality of life through industrial modernisation.

Hence why, the Municipality of Patras has been collaborating with local authorities and technological bodies over the past year to develop the “Patras - Smart City” Strategic Plan. The aim is to create an open, smart city, digital infrastructure supported by a rich research and innovation ecosystem that takes advantage of the highly competent class of people in the area.

To this end, the city has planned a number of pilot projects in all areas from open digital infrastructure to open data management and e-government, to smart power meters and lampposts, to sustainable transport, and more. Next on the agenda is a roadmap for implementation, with specific time-based goals and funding sources.

Patras digital transformation strategy

The City of Patras has limited resources and autonomy for a digital strategy but a thriving research and education system. In policy terms, digital transformation adapts to and benefits from the National Digital Strategy and the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) /Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Region of Western Greece. The Municipality of Patras could, as yet, ensure some funding from the ROP to improve digital services to its citizens.

What is unique about Patras is the significant size and high quality of its Higher Education Institutions and Public Research Centres endowing the city with valuable human capital and implementing a large number of research and innovation pilot projects. PATREUS is about transforming this potential into entrepreneurship and competitiveness.