Kavala map

Kavala is a city in northern Greece and the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia, the largest and second most populous region in the country. Its economy is heavily based on the service sector (77%) with the tourism industry and large public sector being big employers, but also fisheries, agriculture and mining (petrol and marble).

The city’s main strategic document, Kavala’s Operational Programme (KOP) 2015-2019, lays out 17 ongoing or planned strategic policies, seven of which relate to digital transformation. These digital led policies include: promotion of tourism and culture; promotion of the sustainable city model; promotion of smart government and citizen empowerment; promotion of research, technological development and innovation for entrepreneurship; promotion of intelligent city model; promotion of the creative city model; and promotion of citizen’s healthcare.

Kavala will engage stakeholders from all aspects of the quadruple helix to deliver it’s digital transformation policies, as well as local actors through its innovative and accredited public participation and consultation structure, having received a 1st governance award in the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2017.

Kavala digital transformation strategy

Kavala wants by 2030 to become a digitally advanced “City as a platform”, fostering sustainable development in tourism, agriculture, logistics and ICT sectors, leveraging upon evolving citizens’ and SME’s digital skills and exploiting a state-of-the-art city and private sector digital infrastructure, successfully transforming the region into a vivid entrepreneurial ecosystem, and eventually providing a higher quality of life to its citizens and visitors.