Iasi map

An important economic and regional shopping center, Iași is the county seat and principal urban city in northeastern Romania. Its main industries are ICT, metallurgy, medications, textiles and food. While the banking and information sectors have accelerated in recent years, with many banks and software companies now being present in the city.

Iași is also home to the oldest Romanian university and to the first engineering school, making it one of the most important education and research centres of the country. Having produced the first major union, the first literary memorial museum and the first Museum of Natural History, it’s no wonder that it is also leading the way in digital transformation, where it aims to improve public services, increase citizens' level of comfort, and streamline resource consumption.

The next three years should see plans for integrated video surveillance systems, smart parking, efficient street lighting systems, smart garbage collection, and telemedicine services all implemented. To do so, they will need help via the Digital Cities Challenge to cope with complex process changes in infrastructure, training and mentality.

Iași digital transformation strategy

The mission and vision statements for the digital transformation of Iaşi are the main output of the process carried out during the Assessment and Vision & Ambition phases: the face-to-face meetings and workshops were followed by iterative consultations and discussions with stakeholders. Considering that this initiative is the first of its kind stemming from the local authorities in the city, the engagement of the community was very high with 41 SAT replies plus over 25 participants in the Vision and Ambition workshop and several communities. This shows the appetite for this topic and the potential to realise Iaşi’s vision and ambitions, also complementing the existing strategies and policies from the city – and some from the wider region.

The uniqueness of Iaşi ’s strategy is based on the commitment of both public and private bodies to achieve more value for the local communities by learning to work together more, experimenting and piloting to deliver joint outputs and communicating in a concerted manner wherever possible.