Located in the province of Alicante, Alcoy is a city built among ravines that drew on the rivers around it to drive it’s textile industry to the forefront of the industrial revolution in Spain during the 15th century. Textiles is still one of the main industries today, employing about 27% of the workforce.

While recognising the key importance of the industrial sector in its economic development, Alcoy seeks to advance economic and social progress in line with the current situation of the region - through a model of balanced growth, organised and focused on the new economic models that are visualised for the cities of the 21st century. It has even created a job role for a smart city technician, exclusively dedicated to the transformation of Alcoy into a smart city.

With a number of municipal departments and higher education stakeholders involved in the digital strategy, the city will use the Challenge programme to coordinate their stakeholder activities to create new market opportunities and better manage services offered to citizens.

Alcoy digital transformation strategy

The definitive mission and vision for the city of Alcoy was generated after several iterations and an open discussion process with a wide representation of local stakeholders participating in the vision and ambition workshop, aimed to identify what the city should target first among people, infrastructure and industry. A vast majority of participants agreed on the need to increase the digital skillsets of citizens, employees and managers as a mean to enhance the competences in the economic sectors, create synergies and trigger the improvement of local infrastructures and the level of financial support.

Alcoy envisages its strategy for digitalisation and modernisation of the economic sector placing human capital and local talent at the core of business adaptation and transformation into digital. A strategy oriented to promoting and taking local digital awareness, skills and competences in whatever domain (private, public, educational, etc.) to the next level is understood by Alcoy as the unique invigorating element. This approach is intended to leverage other elements considered key digital enablers for the city, including (a) communication and information sharing, (b) infrastructure, technology and data, and (c) sectorial and public-private cooperation.