Barcelona des de casa

The Municipality of Barcelona (Catalonia) updated the website ‘Barcelona des de casa’, which is also available via a mobile app. The website is designed to support public calls to stay at home and implement social distancing by offering people a resource with all municipal information and measures to mitigate the effects of Covid-19, as well as support tools.
The new website provides details on municipal measures to help citizens, with a special focus on those who are most vulnerable. 

More specifically, in terms of social support, the site includes full information on home-delivered meals, telecare, support for women victims of gender violence, housing, school dinner subsidies and shelter for vulnerable people. The economic support measures relate to the finances of private households, workers and companies, as well as support measures for culture.

The website also includes a care and support section, a series of tips and information resources for people to look after themselves and each other, hygiene and health recommendations to avoid infection, support phone numbers, updated information on other resources for collaborating, donating material and checking citizen initiatives.